"Providing education and entertainment through the dynamics of the performing arts"

Your help is always appreciated….

As you might expect, we are very dependent on the contributions of our advertisers, the City of Brecksville, grants, and our patron community. We would be grateful if you would consider a contribution to our 2016 season. Your generosity will help us continue to benefit our community through our shows and educational programs.

Check out our 2016 season and education line-up.

Our goal is to continue to provide the same high quality productions and education programs in 2016 as we have in prior years, but to continue, we need the support of folks like you more than ever.

We can list your name in our program - be sure to indicate what name you would like us to use when completing the donation request. Donation levels for the program are:

$25 Understudy
$50 Actor
$75 Star
$100 Director
$200 Producer
$250 or more Playwright

This year we are pleased to offer two free tickets to a 2016 production of your choice with a donation of $100 or more.

Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to meet our goals and continue to provide our fine services to the community.